Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules of Squash?

GPSQC adheres to all the rules as detailed by Squash Canada. You can review these rules at http://squash.ca/en/rules-game

What is the code of conduct?

All players must abide by the code of conduct as outlined on their player registration forms and outlined by Squash Alberta.

Do I require an Eastlink center wristband to play?

How are league matches scored?

Each player will receive 1 point for each game won. An additional point is awarded to the winner of the match.

Who score keeps and refs matches on league night?

When players are finished their match, they are responsible to ref and score keep the match afterwards. The winner will score keep and the loser will ref. Changing of these roles can be switched at the player’s discretion. Players in the second spot in either the 6:00 pm or 8:00pm time slot are responsible to ref and score keep the first match of the evening.

What type of ball should I use?

Divisions 7/8 Blue Single Dot Dunlop ball
Divisions 3-6 Yellow Single Dot Dunlop ball
Divisions ½ Double Yellow Dot Dunlop ball

What are the warm up and break times?

Players are provided with a 3-minute warm up on the court before their match and a 90 second break in between games.

Can game times be modified?

Teams may modify the play order as needed during league night for extenuating circumstances assuming all parties agree to the changes.

What happens if my match goes longer than expected?

Match play should observe the time cap and vacate the court at the end of the time block without requiring notice.

Can players use the courts after league play?

After all matches have concluded, members are welcome to use the remaining time for exhibition play or fun.

What happens in the event of an injury?

In the event that a player cannot attend their match due to injury, sickness or other commitments, the player is responsible to find a substitute player. Any player who must retire due to work commitments, injury or illness must notify the league of their extended absence. No refunds will be provided to players that drop-out after the league starting date. All fees rendered in this situation are considered a donation to the Grande Prairie Squash Club.

How do I find a substitute player?

A sub list is provided in your league package email. This list is updated often. If you require a new list please contact the league@gpsquash.com email. Players who do not find a sub for their match will be hit with a “no show” penalty, the opponent is awarded full match points, and a –1 point penalty to the team total for that night.

Who can sub for me?

Any player who is AT or BELOW your division can sub for you. Substitute players are expected to stay for the ref and score keeping duties afterwards.

How do I become a member?

For information on membership click here or email info@gpsquash.com for full details.

What if a sub player No Shows?

Sub players that “no show” one time will be removed from the sub list and no longer be eligible to play in the squash league for the remainder of the season.  This is a one strike rule for all sub list players.

What is a No Show?

A no show is any player who cancels or does not show up for their match at the scheduled time.  In the event of a no show, your opponent will receive full match points, you will be hit with a no show penalty, and your team will be deducted –1 points from the night total.  If a player receives 2 no show penalties they will automatically be removed from the league team and placed on the sub list. Their position will be listed as SPARE for the remainder of league.  These positions will be filled by the squash league on a week to week basis until a replacement is found.

What are the duties of a referee?

A referee is responsible for:

  • Calling interference (lets and strokes)
  • Providing assistance to the scorekeeper for calling out of play and ‘down’ balls
  • Explain calls to players if need or confusion arises
  • The referee call is the right call. They override the marker.

What are the duties of a Scorekeeper?

The scorekeeper is responsible for:

  • Putting the correct ball on the court
  • Filling out all fields on the scoresheet
  • Documenting the score of the winner
  • Call the score at the end of each rally
  • Call out of play or ‘down’ balls
  • Call Game and match ball

What are the different types of interference calls?

A brief video summarizing the calls can be viewed here.

What are the Opening and Closing Duties?

Every week the schedule will show teams to open or close the squash league.  The opening and closing duties checklist will be emailed to the respective teams for instructions.

Where are the courts located?

The squash courts are located at the Eastlink Centre

10 Knowledge Way
Grande Prairie, AB
T8W 2V9

Where do I send payment?

Any payments for the Grande Prairie Squash Club can be sent to payments@gpsquash.com