Events & Tournaments

Grande Prairie Squash Club hosts events for its membership to connect with other players in the local community and to improve their squash skills.

Try-it Day

Grande Prairie Squash Club participates in the Grande Prairie Sport Council Try-It Day event which is a free day sport discovery for youth ages 6 – 17. NCCP Certificate Squash Coaches run sessions to introduce youth to the sport of squash in a fun and engaging environment on court.

Yellow and black squash racket lays flat on a wooden gym floor with a black squash ball in the center of the racket


Grande Prairie Squash Club hosts clinics, coaching sessions and workshops to bring in a NCCP Certificated Coach, Professional Coach or Professional Squash Player to host a clinic for its members to practice and improve their squash game and overall fitness. These clinics include Squash Cannon (Ball Machine) Sessions, individual and group lessons, rules clinics, drills and conditioning games.

Social Events and Windups

Grande Prairie Squash Club hosts social and events and windups to celebrate the end of a league season for members to unwind and socialize away from the court atmosphere. These events provide the Club an opportunity to recognize the sponsors that support the club and offer prizes to members in attendance.

Squash players in action on squash court, back view.

Club Championship Tournament

Grande Prairie Squash Club hosts an end-of-year Club Championship Tournament for all members. This tournament is aimed to provide a competitive event while keeping the atmosphere fun and light to cap off the squash season. This tournament includes an end-of-season windup over the weekend.


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